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( Aug. 16th, 2007 03:10 pm)
okay... i just wanted to let people know that i'm sorry for being MIA for almost 2 weeks.  i've been going through posts to catch up, but i still have quite a few comments to respond to, along with a million stories to read.  it's been REALLY hectic here, between being really sick, work, and trying to get all of my school stuff worked out.  so i promise that i will get back to everyone, especially you Raven (i owe you like 20 phonecalls... and a bday present still... no i haven't forgotten!!)

on the plus side... i've lost like 10 lbs in the last few weeks.  that is good... cept i think it came from all the stress and being sick and not having time to eat... which is bad.  :-/
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( Aug. 6th, 2007 09:39 pm)
so... a couple of things today.  i was finally starting not to feel so sick, and went to dance class tonight.  unfortunately... i was able to participate for barely more than a half our before my back cramped/locked up so badly that i couldn't move (from my other problems last week).  so i don't feel so good at all right now.  it was sooo horrible that i went like ghost white and almost passed out, then once i was able to lay down to try to get my lower back to relax, i went like beat red (and i don't even blush!) and i couldn't stop crying.  it was really horrible.  so i think it's safe to say that i probably won't be dancing at all in the next few weeks, at least not on the dance we were practicing, because some of the movements are what brought it on.

on the plus side, at least i got my hair cut this afternoon, rather than waiting until after class, otherwise i wouldn't have gotten done otherwise.  i'll post in the next couple of days of what it looked like b4, and then what it looks like now (it's above my chin). lol.  FINALLY i got around to chopping it off.  it's not as short as i would like, but i have like 2 1/2 months to let it grow b4 the fall bellydancing show, at even if i keep it at this length, i can at least add extensions or something if i want to. 

i'm going to go lay down for a bit now, sitting up makes my back hurt terribly. 
so yeah..  i was bored a few weeks ago and i decided to make an AMV for Ai no Kusabi, and i just realized that i never put the link up.  it's the first one i've ever made.. well technically 2nd, but it's a remake of my first one (i was using the OLD SCHOOL Windows Movie Maker, and i got a new program from my sister so i redid it).  but yeah... i feel in the sharing mood today, so there ya go.

click on the link and it will take you to youtube to watch it!

up, up and away!

i won't object if you let me know what you think of it too. lol. 

other than that... i REALLY have about a million phone calls i need to return and people i need to talk to, but i have really felt kinda off this last week cause of the meds for my finger, and it hasn't helped that it's been crazy busy cause josh started the new job this week, so he's out of town, and will be for most of the next month except weekends.  so it's kinda lonely around the house too.  i've been reading a lot of books, and once i finish my current one, i need to finish rereading the last 3rd of HP OoTP so i can make sure i'm up on the facts (for the nitpicking of the movie).  lol.  and Raven... i owe you a very long phone call soon, and i hope to god that we get a chance to chat b4 you go back home for the wedding and stuff.  and i still owe you a bday present, lol.  though i found something new i might be getting you, rather than my original idea... so we'll see :-)
so... i am not in a good mood.  i own 4 pet rats, and one of them is fairly sick.  after cleaning out it's cage earlier, i put some of its medicine on my finger to give to it, and it pretty much tore my left pointer finger clean open.  hardcore.  as in it's still bleeding an hour later.  and i don't have any extra money to go to the docs right now, and it is killing me when my finger decides for a few seconds that it doesn't want to feel numb anymore.  and this rat has NEVER bitten me before.  i might need a couple of stitches, and i'm sure i need to get on some antibiotics.  it's already bruising too.  and i work a job where i use my hands all the time... so not cool. 

i think the thing that worries me most is that i was using insecticide right b4 this happened (i washed my hands in between), but that stuff doesn't come off u'r skin easily... and now watch, it prolly got into the wound.

so much for my day being good.  this has pretty much ruined my mood, not to mention anything i do with my hands. 

also... this took me forever to type!


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