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( Aug. 13th, 2006 03:50 pm)
So... I totally forgot to say that I went to see Monster House the other day.... in 3D!!!! It was awesome, though it was a bit scary. I was kinda surprised that it was rated PG, even though they talked about a bunch of stuff that should have made it PG-13. Oh well.. it was animated... and I don't think they would have made nearly as much money if it was PG-13. It was good though, so you should all go see it.

So I totally went to a party friday... and met a really cool guy (who is also hot!). As you all know (or maybe you don't), I'm engaged. So that's bad. But I'm determined to convert him to being bisexual (which I think he may be anyways), cause then I can have fun with him, and so can Josh. So that's my plan. But it was an awesome party besides that! I was rather drunkish.... and only got like 2 hours of sleep before I had to go work 9 hours at the grooming salon. But on the plus side... I made like 50 bucks in tips in 3 days, which is awesome, cause hardly anyone ever tips for grooming.

I've decided I want to get another tattoo... but I'm poor and can't afford it. So I'm saving up for one, though it sucks cause I am still trying to pay off my credit card debt (which is way more important!) Good thing is, I think I only owe about 200-250 left, so that's awesome.

I've decided that this year we are totally having a Halloween party again (we usually do), but I want to do something different. I kinda want to make it themed... even though it's Halloween. It's just that it always seems the girls always dress like whores... and the guys in suits. I want fun stuff damnit! So if anyone has any cool ideas... let me know! My hair is finally long enough to be able to put it up, so maybe this year I will go as a geisha (that was the plan last year), but I still need to find an obi. I didn't buy one while I was over in Japan cause I couldn't find one that I really liked, but now I can't hardly seem to find any, unless I order online. Oh well.

Oooo... and I did find out that Andreana and I are still going to do the alternative bellydancing show, with more rock music rather than traditional. We have found some awesome songs, and when we get it all together, we will prolly do a private party at One World, especially since they tend to have a younger crowd.

Good times good times.


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