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( Sep. 27th, 2007 08:09 pm)
Okay... I read another really good story today.  It's called 'Stain of Silence' by Brummell, and you should all go read it!  It's about Draco who is forced to go live with Harry, as a paid servant of a sort, where he is pretty much cut off from the rest of the world.  There's a baby in the story too (it's NOT mpreg though).  The story was just so beautifully written, and the author did a great job on constructing the characters, especially Draco.  I even cried a couple of times! 

The link is here, so you should go read it! 
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( Sep. 20th, 2007 08:17 pm)
well.. i wanted to post a quick H/D rec. i just read this story today, and i'm upset that i didn't read it before.  it's got humor, action, and hot sex, and i really enjoyed it.  plus it's a denial!Harry fic, which is extra points. 

The Venice Job by Nishizono

i hope you guys enjoy it!
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( Apr. 6th, 2006 09:57 pm)
I've just decided that I absolutely love these quotes!!! The author does an amazing job at describing things.

"You can’t hang on to your tadpole yoghurt for more than a minute or two." (and THAT would be another way to say 'shooting your load')

also... you have to love this one...

“What the hell does that say on the back of his t-shirt?” Blaise said, barely more than a whisper.

Draco had to clear his throat before the words came out. “I believe it says, ‘Fudge packing, crack smoking, Satan worshipping motherfucker’,” (in response to a t-shirt a veryyy sexy Harry is wearing)

and this...

It took him a worryingly, pathetically short amount of time to crash the yoghurt lorry (in response to finishing off his morning wood).

They are from 'Big Dick, Come Quick' by Calanthe. The 4th chapter (Part Four) probably has the single most delectible masterbation scene I've ever read... and I read ALOT. If nothing else... at least read the beginning of the 4th chapter for that!

Just thought I would share that... if you havent read the story... go here http://thehexfiles.net/viewstory.php?sid=3598 to read it. It's awesome!


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