Hey.... so I've decided that now it's summer, I want to make a bunch of meals that I can freeze for lunches and dinners (I plan on filling up our new deep freezer completely with them!) so that we can have healthy(ier) food to eat for work, AND not spend ten bucks every day on meals.  The problem is... I can only think of so many things because many of the things I regularly make will not freeze well - like potatoes, so I'm going to try the instant ones instead, and even a few of the things on the list I'm going to have to test out to see how they do (quite a few of them I have done before because a couple years ago for xmas - while my dad was still a bachelor and didn't eat well - I made him a huge box full of frozen meals so he would eat better and more regularly).  I plan on making everything homemade, rather than buying premade items.  I'm also going to try to do it the store-bought frozen dinner way for a lot of things (like separating sauces and noodles until you nuke it so they don't get all mushy)

IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS, PLEASE POST THEM!  I would really appreciate the help and I would like a wide variety of meals to choose from when I start making the meals.

Here's my list so far... )

We will eat most anything and are not picky at all.  If you have any ideas, that would be awesome!
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( Apr. 29th, 2009 10:37 pm)
In honor of National Poetry Month (and for [livejournal.com profile] realpestilence ) I am posting a poem I really enjoyed reading this semester.

by Janice Harrington

And the mornings were cast iron.
The men's overalls, the women's hair,

and the nights were cast iron. The clatter
of kudzu leaves was the clatter of iron lids.

And the flies that settled wore cast-iron wings.
And the stench of the outhouse was a cast

iron stench, and the baby's cry fell heavy
as a frying pan. And the rain was cast iron,

each splat of gray a skillet lid, each spill
a kettle of potlikker.  Their beds were cast

iron and so too the thighs wrapped round
his hips and the way he shook and withered

out. The heat was cast iron, and the greasy
sun dripped its lard light against their skin,

sweat welling like water sprizzled on a hot
griddle. And their skin was cast iron,

and living was fatback, turned slowly
and browned, what you had to eat, even

if it wasn't the best.  And cast iron their sleep,
cast iron their throats and their jubilee.

If a man is paid eight cents for a pound
of cotton that is cast iron too.  If he leaves

for Detroit or Kansas City of Chicago, he'll pack
a cast-iron suitcase and fill it with cast iron.

And if he says, Things'll be bedda up here,
his smile will be seasoned an impermeable.

I also had the pleasure of seeing Harrington do a poetry reading, and she was rather interesting to watch (many of her poems use onomatopoeia, and she is very meticulous about her intonation.  And she often sings). 

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( Apr. 27th, 2009 11:53 am)
So... I had this really odd dream this morning.  Follow this cut to read more cause it's long... and there are pics.  Read more... )
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( Apr. 24th, 2009 02:08 pm)
Wow... I'm posting two entries in one week.  Crazy!

So, I wrote a new one shot last week, along with starting to type up my crazy arse long story that I've been working on since November 2007.  I started writing it by hand, but it's just under 100 pages (in my journal) and honestly... it is too damn hard to find anything in it when I need it because I've written so much.  It's nowhere near finished either!  I'm hoping once I get it all typed, I will have more energy to work on it because it won't be so hard to do, along with having more time this summer because I won't constantly be writing for school (though I DO need to keep working on my book!).

Other fun news... I might be going to China in the fall of 2010 to help teach English.  I actually REALLY want to go, but I am also undecided because Josh and I are going to start planning the wedding this coming fall  (and hope to be married by summer of 2010), and I am honestly not sure if I can leave him and the animals for 6 months.  It will be very hard, especially since we have lived together for almost 5 years now.  So I will just have to see, and I have a year before I have to make a final decision.

AND... today I made sheperd's pie!  It's in the oven right now, and I'm super excited to see how it will turn out!  It is the first time I've ever made it and it smells great because I'm starving.

That's all for now....
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( Nov. 17th, 2008 11:12 pm)
okay.. here are some REALLY blurry and bad pics from the bellydancing show this past weekend, but this is all i have at the moment. 

pics here )
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( Aug. 16th, 2007 09:27 pm)
tagged by [profile] schuldige_katze

Rules -
1. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
2. Tag seven people to do the same.
3. Do not tag the person who tagged you.


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( Aug. 16th, 2007 03:10 pm)
okay... i just wanted to let people know that i'm sorry for being MIA for almost 2 weeks.  i've been going through posts to catch up, but i still have quite a few comments to respond to, along with a million stories to read.  it's been REALLY hectic here, between being really sick, work, and trying to get all of my school stuff worked out.  so i promise that i will get back to everyone, especially you Raven (i owe you like 20 phonecalls... and a bday present still... no i haven't forgotten!!)

on the plus side... i've lost like 10 lbs in the last few weeks.  that is good... cept i think it came from all the stress and being sick and not having time to eat... which is bad.  :-/
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( Aug. 6th, 2007 09:39 pm)
so... a couple of things today.  i was finally starting not to feel so sick, and went to dance class tonight.  unfortunately... i was able to participate for barely more than a half our before my back cramped/locked up so badly that i couldn't move (from my other problems last week).  so i don't feel so good at all right now.  it was sooo horrible that i went like ghost white and almost passed out, then once i was able to lay down to try to get my lower back to relax, i went like beat red (and i don't even blush!) and i couldn't stop crying.  it was really horrible.  so i think it's safe to say that i probably won't be dancing at all in the next few weeks, at least not on the dance we were practicing, because some of the movements are what brought it on.

on the plus side, at least i got my hair cut this afternoon, rather than waiting until after class, otherwise i wouldn't have gotten done otherwise.  i'll post in the next couple of days of what it looked like b4, and then what it looks like now (it's above my chin). lol.  FINALLY i got around to chopping it off.  it's not as short as i would like, but i have like 2 1/2 months to let it grow b4 the fall bellydancing show, at even if i keep it at this length, i can at least add extensions or something if i want to. 

i'm going to go lay down for a bit now, sitting up makes my back hurt terribly. 
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( Aug. 5th, 2007 02:41 am)
soo... i've not had much time to do anything recently.  it kinda sucks.  this last week i've been REALLY sick (that's why i haven't gotten back to you yet Raven!!).  i've had some really bad internal problems, which has caused some of my other problems to flair (spelling on that?) up, so i pretty much spent most of this week in bed being really, REALLY sick.  which means i'm prolly gonna have to get surgery again in a few months, which blows.

other than that, i just wanted to say that everyone is who following the LJ crap that is going on (again), i'm over at Greatest Journal and Insane Journal, same screen name.  right now i only have story stuff and rec lists posted, and i'll just see where to go from there if it comes to anything really bad with LJ.  either way, i will still keep my LJ, but i will be very sad to see a lot of the fandom go, because in the end, i'm not sure how many will transfer to another journal.  so yeah... that's the scoop on that for now. 

hopefully i will have a chance to update again, sooner rather than later, once i start to feel a bit better.  this week has been rough, especially since i wasn't able to take any of it off work. 
so yeah..  i was bored a few weeks ago and i decided to make an AMV for Ai no Kusabi, and i just realized that i never put the link up.  it's the first one i've ever made.. well technically 2nd, but it's a remake of my first one (i was using the OLD SCHOOL Windows Movie Maker, and i got a new program from my sister so i redid it).  but yeah... i feel in the sharing mood today, so there ya go.

click on the link and it will take you to youtube to watch it!

up, up and away!

i won't object if you let me know what you think of it too. lol. 

other than that... i REALLY have about a million phone calls i need to return and people i need to talk to, but i have really felt kinda off this last week cause of the meds for my finger, and it hasn't helped that it's been crazy busy cause josh started the new job this week, so he's out of town, and will be for most of the next month except weekends.  so it's kinda lonely around the house too.  i've been reading a lot of books, and once i finish my current one, i need to finish rereading the last 3rd of HP OoTP so i can make sure i'm up on the facts (for the nitpicking of the movie).  lol.  and Raven... i owe you a very long phone call soon, and i hope to god that we get a chance to chat b4 you go back home for the wedding and stuff.  and i still owe you a bday present, lol.  though i found something new i might be getting you, rather than my original idea... so we'll see :-)
so... i am not in a good mood.  i own 4 pet rats, and one of them is fairly sick.  after cleaning out it's cage earlier, i put some of its medicine on my finger to give to it, and it pretty much tore my left pointer finger clean open.  hardcore.  as in it's still bleeding an hour later.  and i don't have any extra money to go to the docs right now, and it is killing me when my finger decides for a few seconds that it doesn't want to feel numb anymore.  and this rat has NEVER bitten me before.  i might need a couple of stitches, and i'm sure i need to get on some antibiotics.  it's already bruising too.  and i work a job where i use my hands all the time... so not cool. 

i think the thing that worries me most is that i was using insecticide right b4 this happened (i washed my hands in between), but that stuff doesn't come off u'r skin easily... and now watch, it prolly got into the wound.

so much for my day being good.  this has pretty much ruined my mood, not to mention anything i do with my hands. 

also... this took me forever to type!
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( Jun. 13th, 2007 04:49 pm)
yeah i stole this from [profile] auntee_mame because i had too much to respond on her post for it. 

Welcome to the 2007 edition of getting to know your friends. What you are supposed to do with this is change all the answers so they apply to you, and then paste it into the comments thread or your own LJ entry.

The theory is that you will learn a lot of little things about your friends,
if you did not know them already.



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( May. 29th, 2007 10:01 pm)
So yeah.. I'm always bored.  I was just going through my old LJ, which I check like MAYBE every 5 months or so, and I found a post that made me giggle with a wonderful link on it.  BIGGEST STUFFED BUNNY I'VE EVER FRIGGEN SEEN!!!

As for stuff in RL... I've been really busy.  I feel like on my days off, I don't really have any time to relax.  We have been practicing like crazy for the next bellydancing show that is coming up, plus trying to do a ton of stuff around the house, and work in everything else in between.  Accomplishments for the day:  holes dug for posts for fencing in yard, posts put into holes for fencing in the yard, gate put up, half (it's a HUGE tree that's split into two parts) of a tree cut down - which that half still takes up like a 3rd of our back yard when it was downed, and a couple of other things.  Though I didn't really help with any of that stuff.  MY accomplishments for the day: cleaned some more in the house, took test shots (pics and vids) in the woods across the street for some scenes in my sister's movie we are shooting, finished laundry, got some more designs for the tshirt designs figured out today for my sister's movie, practiced bellydancing, read a couple of HP stories that I've been meaning to for a while, and made sun tea (hahah... and that takes like... 30 seconds of effort).   So eventful overall, but not so much on my part I guess.  Well.. kinda eventful.  More like 'lazy getting stuff done' but that's okay.

Still lots to do this week yet though.. like finish the fence, finish staining/putting up moulding, go to my bookclub meeting (HAHA... I didn't even know my mum was in one, but I guess a bunch of the girls we bellydance with are in it too, so she convinced me to come, since I love reading and all - too bad I can't be like 'YAY GAY HP FANFIC!'), taking my sister to go try out a camera she wants to buy for her movie, a small half hour show for bellydancing on Friday (not the big one we are practicing for) and then off to my friend's bday party, and I think another thing or two to do this weekend, but I just can't remember what.  Plus work.  I HATE feeling so busy, but at the same time, I've felt really bored lately when I haven't had something to do.  I think it's just cause it's that time of the year when there is no winter stuff to do, but no summer stuff either.  It is technically hot enough here to go swimming (upper 80's), but all the pools are still too cold, and it's been raining a ton too.  Plus when it's too hot the heat kinda gets to me.  I HATE being hot cause I sweat when it's like 70 degrees out, yet the electric bills are too friggen high around here (there's a huge ordeal going on with the companies), so we can't pull out the window units yet.  I will just have to suffer, unfortunately.

About the only other interesting thing that has happened in the last couple of weeks was the fact that I met Josh's bro a couple days ago... and he's extremely HOT (I feel bad saying that.. cause it's my fiance's bro... and he's married too), and I topless bartended a couple weekends ago for a friend's bachelor party he threw for his buddy. 

Oh yes... and saw Pirates 3.  I'm still undecided about the movie.  There were a ton of things I loved, but then some I didn't love so much too.  I think I will need to see it again before I make a final decision.  I mean... the action and special effects were great and all, but some of the other stuff that bothered me has kinda held my opinion at bay for the moment. 

I'm done babbling now... I think.
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( Apr. 23rd, 2007 11:07 pm)
omg... i can't even explain how obsessed with Heroes i am right now.  like nbc FINALLY has all the episodes online.. not only the most recent 5 or 6.  so i'm watching all of the first season. 

and i've said 'fuck' like 65 times or so in watching the first seven episodes.  i'm that impressed.  there are no words to explain my ecstatic-ness right now. i'm flipping out. 

i've had to backspace this whole post like 20 time just to make it readable.  and i HATE backspacing!!!!!!!! (notice the multiple exclamation points on that)


i think i'm goign to pee myself because i'm so excited.

 *screams and runs around the room wildly*

side note:  my fiance has said that he wants to permanently silence me  because i can't shut up every time something happens.  and he's playing a game, so it just makes him stop and be like 'omg what happened?'   which is bad, according to him.

the screen is blurry cause i'm so friggen out.  afjafdjlsafjdkajghkjhgkdhfsf
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( Apr. 8th, 2007 11:08 pm)
Okay... I know I don't post a ton of stuff on here all the time, but today, I am bored.  Like really, really, REALLY bored.  So... I am asking people to comment to me.  I don't really care what about either.  I just want you guys to ask me stuff... about anything you would like.  I feel that since I don't write very much, unless I comment on your journals occasionally, you really don't know a ton about me.  Nothing is out of bounds for what you would like to ask. 

I should prolly be working on writing the last few paragraphs of my most recent piece of work that I've finished, but I'm kinda undecided about how I want to write them (even though I know what I need to add).  So yeah... the keyword of that is 'should' but eh.  I might actually be submitting it to the threesome challenge that is just starting, depending on if it qualifies (I'm waiting for a response on that still). 

So... ask me anything.  I know some of my flist decently well, but others I don't know hardly at all.  And even if we talk occasionally, still ask me something if you have the time.  I feel that I should talk on my journal here more than I do (and other than commenting on other people's posts). 

On another note... if you've never played Guitar Hero 1 or 2, you should.  My sister has it, and granted, I don't get to play it very often, but it's soooo addicting and fun.  I played it for quite a few hours today... I LOVE IT.  If she wasn't borrowing our Playstation 2 right now, I would go out and buy it for myself, cause it's awesome.  It's kinda hard sometimes, and can be frustrating, but it's kinda like DDR... you just HAVE to keep playing until you can do it well.  LOL.  Hence... why I'm listening to John the Fisherman (by Primus) over and over right now.  It's one of my favorite songs to play on it. 
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( Feb. 16th, 2007 09:41 am)
I stole this from [personal profile] cyn_ful who stole this from someone else... etc. etc.

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 103.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 2 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.
5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.
6. Tag five people. Or not, it's entirely up to you.

"If you're looking to grab something, I can do better than pepper spray."


LOL... Joe Morelli stuck up on Stephanie, surprising her and she grabbed her pepper spray because she didn't know it was him.  If you think he's talking about what he's talking about (he's her... BF of sorts... when they aren't pissed at eachother), then yep... you are right.  What a totally perverted comment that this managed to be.... :-)  This is from 'Four to Score' by Janet Evanovich.  Great series... you should read it.  :-)  I'm already halfway through book 4, cause I'm rereading the whole series, and I just restarted it... 3 nights ago.  They are so addicting that you can't put them down. 

I'm not gonna tag 5 people though, cause I'm lazy.  I can't even get people to fill out my little quiz thingy about me!
I had a hard time coming up with questions... but eh. I'll see how many people actually take this test!

Create your own Friend Test here

I'm bored.
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( Jan. 3rd, 2007 10:04 pm)
Here are a couple of pics I promised a friend from my photo shoot right before my bellydancing show in November. lj-cut text="Click me to see!"

I'm the one in purple (the younger blonde is my sister, the older woman is my mother). The last pic is my fiance' and I on the night of the show, after we got done dancing.

Also... if you want to watch the video of the opening dance, you can go here. It's really crappy quality and sound, I know, but it was taken with a digital camera, not a video camera. My sister hasn't gotten a Director's account yet, so we can't upload the good videos cause they are too big.

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( Jan. 3rd, 2007 05:29 pm)
So... today I was bored, and I decided to dry my hair on low (cause I don't have one of those diffuser thingys for the hair dryer), as to not blow all the curl out like usual.

This is what my hair ended up looking like (actually about the same as when I don't bother drying it, but with less fuzzies for some reason). My smile is all crooked for some reason... but ignore that :-)

So whose hair does this kinda remind you of??? Hahahaha... I have Hermione hair. It's kinda cool actually lol. I don't usually wear my hair down cause of work; it's so much easier to just leave it up.

Though this took a damn long time to dry, like 20 minutes or so. That part sucked a lot.


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