Hey.... so I've decided that now it's summer, I want to make a bunch of meals that I can freeze for lunches and dinners (I plan on filling up our new deep freezer completely with them!) so that we can have healthy(ier) food to eat for work, AND not spend ten bucks every day on meals.  The problem is... I can only think of so many things because many of the things I regularly make will not freeze well - like potatoes, so I'm going to try the instant ones instead, and even a few of the things on the list I'm going to have to test out to see how they do (quite a few of them I have done before because a couple years ago for xmas - while my dad was still a bachelor and didn't eat well - I made him a huge box full of frozen meals so he would eat better and more regularly).  I plan on making everything homemade, rather than buying premade items.  I'm also going to try to do it the store-bought frozen dinner way for a lot of things (like separating sauces and noodles until you nuke it so they don't get all mushy)

IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS, PLEASE POST THEM!  I would really appreciate the help and I would like a wide variety of meals to choose from when I start making the meals.

Here's my list so far... )

We will eat most anything and are not picky at all.  If you have any ideas, that would be awesome!
Okay... so a friend had this quote up in her AIM profile... but NEITHER of us can remember where it is from. If you can point me in the right direction of the link (even story name and author would work), that would be awesome! It's driving me crazy!

The quote is this - “ Whatever I said that made you remove your hands. I take it back,” Draco said imperiously.

“ Okay, so what does that mean?”

“ Put your hands on my ass, Potter,” Draco said through gritted teeth.

Any help would be awesome! *throws candy hearts to you!*
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( Feb. 12th, 2007 12:16 pm)
okay.. I NEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDD to find someplace where I can watch or download Heroes. I've watched the first episode on NBC, but then it's missing episodes 2-9, and then has 10-14. So does anyone know where I can find episodes 2-9? Or point me in the direction of someone who might know. Cause I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want to watch it!!!

I can't find any episodes on youtube.com and I even tried searching for websites where I could download the episodes, but I don't wanna pay for a membership anyplace cause I'm a poor college student.

Help me please!
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( Apr. 20th, 2006 04:17 pm)
ok... i'll make this short. i KNOW i have the link somewhere to this story... prolly on my rec list... but i cant friggen remember what it is called!!!

it's a h/d story where they are on antarctica.... they are filming penguins or something of the sort. and then they come back home... and go their separate ways. eventually of course they get together, but yeah... thats the gist of it.

penguins, antarctica, harry and draco. and a tent. so yeah.

please please please tell me what the hell this story is called!! its been bothering me for the last couple of days cause i can't remember. if you have the link too... send that along (if its not too much trouble)
cause if i dont have it on my rec list, it needs to be there.

thanks ahead of time!!!
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( Apr. 11th, 2006 01:21 am)
okay... i'm looking for a fic called 'Light in the Shadows' by A_Brighter_Dawn. It was originally (?) posted on fanfiction.net, but i'm looking to see if it's been posted elsewhere, or updated since 05-03-05. the one on fanfiction only has eight chapters, but i'm really looking forward to reading more, so if anyone has any info, that would be greatly appreciated!!!

the synopsis is that harry is taken from his world after the war, where everyone he cared about is dead, to a different world where everyone is alive. draco is called the Archangel, and he is a vampire/veela mix, who is the right-hand man of voldemort who has been ruling the land for years. the Phoenix clan... a bunch of opposers.... is fighting against him and has invoked a spell which has brought harry to their world. harry and draco are mates... but i've only read thru chapter 4... so i can't tell you any more about that.

anyways... if anyone knows where i could find an updated version, or some way to contact the author, that would be splendid!!!

thanks soo much!
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( Feb. 8th, 2006 01:50 am)
alrighty, will ANYONE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me who the chick on the left (the one pouring the bottle) looks like.

i used to have a website that would tell me which celebrity a person in a picture looked like. it was some scientific site, but my link got erased somehow. (if you know what i'm talking about, let me know that too!)

but please please please!!! tell me who this girl looks like, cause i can't friggen figure it out!

this chick
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( Jan. 27th, 2006 05:51 pm)
alrighty... please dont hate me!!!

i have a fic search... i know i have the link somewhere, but i cannot seem to find it, and i've spent the past couple of weeks searching through ALL of my saved emails... which is quite a few hundred of them. i just CANNOT find it.

heres the plot: for some reason, snape takes in harry and draco is already living with snape (or moves in soon after) i don't remember why, but snape decides to adopt both harry and draco. i dont know if there are any pairings in this fic, and there are at least 75 chapters to it. also, petunia and dudley come to live at hogwarts for a while, in snape's quarters. i am not sure why again... i think it may be that vernon died or he was caught doing something and was taken to jail.

also, harry lost his magic, cause he gave a bone marrow transplant (or something of the sort) to petunia to save her life cause i think she had cancer. he is working with draco as a tutor to get it back, but he may never (at least he hadnt yet about 30 chapters into it).

i really appreciate anyone who can help me on this!!!


*gives cakes and pies... homemade of course!!*


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