So on Christmas day we went to the theater, and we saw a poster for '300.' I wasn't really sure what the movie was, but I just watched the trailer and I CANNOT WAIT to see it. Go there, enter the site, click on media, and watch the theatrical trailer.

I'm very excited about this. Not only because I'm drawn to the scenery, but there seems to be a bit of lesbianated action in it, not to mention that this movie is being produced by some of the best people out there who do an amazing job(go read the synopsis and it lists them all).

Now for the fun fact.... did you all know that homosexuality was a given in Sparta?? It was actually not looked down upon if you were younger than the age of 30/31, which was when you no longer had to serve in the military/be forced to live in the barracks. When you entered (I believe it was at the age of 10/11) it wasn't long before an older man would take you beneath his wing, so to speak, to teach you everything you needed to know, which many times lead to a sexual relationship because the younger man felt he was being courted by the older man, in all senses. Of course, if you were to have a relationship after the age of 30/31, when you were now supposed to be looking for a wife, then that was bad. But until then... slashy goodness ensued!

That was my historical fact of the day. I LOVED learning about that in one of my World History classes. It was sooo hard not to squee.
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( Apr. 7th, 2006 01:53 am)
did you know that phrases like 'bloody,' 'the devil,' and 'blast it' .... and other phrases of such in Great Britain... were the equivelant of 'fuck,' 'damn,' or 'shit,' up until the times of the 20th century.

i can't remember exactly when in the 1900's that they became less offensible.... but most people use them all the time.

at least people don't get so upset if you use them now... such as 'bloody.' it's a rather common thing.... more of a descriptive word rather than a cuss word. or to show strong feeling.

i'm taking a brit lit class... we were reading Robert Shaw, and we had this huge discussion about it. for a woman to say something like 'bloody' or 'the devil' was EXTREMELY offesive... not even 'gutter-women' should use the language.

so yes... that was my interesting fact of the day.


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