how the hell did i not find this before!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg........... dan kissing a man!

wow... just wow.  i'm speechless... and he went along with it so perfectly! i'm still searching for a vid that has sound now!

From: [identity profile]

Bwahahahahaha!!!! Holy shit that's hilarious! Hahahahaha. Oh, Dan...I love you. *snuggles*

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It's kinda crazy, because the dude just comes up and does it like, wtf? lol. I love that little shift of his hand into Dan's hair at the end. lol.

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lmao yes. it was great and i love how Dan brought his arm up too!

why doesn't fun stuff like that ever happen here????

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omg i really have no idea how i hadn't seen this before. it's boggling!

i've watched it like 10 times now! lmao.


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