okay.. i don't know if anyone on my flist can help me, but i SURE AS HELL hope so.  i've been off of LJ b/c of school stuff all semester and even though i left myself a ton of notes, i did not remember until about a day and a half ago that Mistful/Maya was taking all of her fanfic down.  i know she was pdf'ing everything and leaving it up for a month or so, but i passed it by and didn't realize it :-(  now i can't even remember if it was up in september or october.  but i feel like a TOTAL idiot, and if one of you downloaded her copies, i would be forever grateful if you could pass them along to me.  if i have to go asking in a comm for someone that has them i will, but i would really prefer not to.  she is one of my favorite authors, and as much as i'm looking forward to her published original work, i hate to lose those other stories because they are some of my favorites.

please let me know if you can help me.   i can't believe i forgot something that i was this excited about having copies of...:-( 
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