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([personal profile] icyaurora8 Nov. 18th, 2008 11:13 pm)
I feel like I should post something since [livejournal.com profile] dragonfly_lily  brought it to my attention... yes I've been gone a long time.  Well.. not really gone, but just so insanely busy with school this semester I've not had a moment to breathe.  I've actually done a bit of writing, but have not had a chance to type anything up, though I expect to have much more writing next semester (though of the real fiction kind... classes and projects) and I will prolly be posting quite a bit of it hopefully, just for the hell of it.  But I will be back more often now, though it may still be quite sporadic (that's a good word!), and I really don't want to miss all of the holiday fic exchanges.

Other new things in my life... besides the enormous amount of school work (I have 42!!! books to read this semester) is that the doctor finally gave me the okay to go back to being "active."  Though my cysts are still all over the place, they have shrank generally in amount and size and there is no longer such a large danger of rupturing them during any type of exercise (no more grapefruit-sized ones!).  So yeah... after 8 months of not being able to dance, i was finally able to go back 2 months ago.  Of course, that kinda sucked at the same time because I had to catch up on 8 months of new dances (some which I still haven't bothered to learn because there was just too much to do), all for the show this past weekend. 

Other than that... nothing else has really been going on.  Life is pretty boring, despite how busy I've been. 

From: [identity profile] realpestilence.livejournal.com

Hooray for your doing better! I know you must have missed your dancing very much...are you sore, getting back into practice? :)

From: [identity profile] icyaurora8.livejournal.com

yes i have been pretty sore, but not quite as much as i expected. go figure huh ? it's not like i've been doing ANY exercise otherwise, i figured i would just be dying when i went back.

though.. i did quit smoking a few months ago... that may have something to do with it. maybe just my body is healthier and getting more oxygen to my muscles or something (or maybe i'm just talking out my ass lol).



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